Dr. Barone profile photo smiling

Cara Barone, M.D.

Location of Care

Peterkort Centre 1

9555 SW Barnes Rd., Suite 301

Portland, OR 97225

Education and Training

Board Certification: The American Board of Pediatrics

Medical Degree: Tufts University School of Medicine

Pediatric Residency: Boston Combined Residency in Pediatrics

Languages: English and a little Spanish

Memberships/Awards: American Association of Pediatrics

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Cara Barone, M.D.

I feel it is essential to listen carefully and compassionately to children, teens and families so I can best understand concerns and offer my professional guidance grounded in medical evidence from the American Academy of Pediatrics, my decades of experience in pediatric medicine and basic lifestyle practicality. It is important for me to be warm, approachable, trusted, intelligent, honest and thoughtful in my relationships with children, teens and parents. I believe in the power of preventative medicine such as vaccination and building upon healthy lifestyle balance, choices and habits.

For sure my favorite part of my work is the unique and special relationships I form with children, teens and families. It is my soul food in medicine. I enjoy helping new parents adapt to the wondrous and challenging experience of parenting and becoming a trusted professional guiding them on their parenting journey. I especially love watching children grow, develop, individualize and learn to self-advocate as they become teenagers and young adults over my years with them as their pediatrician.

My dad is a pediatric specialist, so I grew up with an early exposure to medicine. As a child, I often went to the hospital with him on weekends and while he rounded on patients I was lovingly spoiled by the nurses. Later, I had some significant illnesses as a middle schooler and spent a lot of time in and out of hospitals during those years. In high school, I discovered how much I loved learning Anatomy & Physiology and Psychology. So, I’d say from my experiences as a child and my love of learning in biology and health, it became a clear path forward to medicine.

 I went to medical school pretty much decided I wanted to be a pediatrician, although I did allow myself to consider other career options. However, I was always most comfortable in my pediatric rotations and being around children and families. Children continue to amaze me with their curiosity, strength and resilience. I love that my job allows me to laugh with kids which makes every workday joyful.

I grew up in Chevy Chase, Maryland which is just outside of Washington DC. However, I’ve now lived in six states: Maryland, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Utah, California and Oregon.

My husband and I have two awesome teenage children and a much adored Goldendoodle dog. I love hiking and being outdoors and am always up for long hikes. We enjoy water sports, skiing, watching movies and exploring new places together as a family. My husband and I love to travel. The list of countries, experiences and journeys I hope to have in my lifetime is long and always growing.