This clinic is really wonderful, I am extremely happy with both the quality of service, and the great pediatricians who work there. My daughter sees Dr. Gillespie, and he has been nothing but excellent every visit. He is caring, knowledgeable, and really great with children. I recently gave birth to a son, and I'm so happy that Dr. Gillespie is our pediatrician because I feel that my children are in excellent hands. We travel overseas quite a bit, and he is knowledgeable about diseases and out-of-the-box problems that could arise from visiting under-developed countries, or even when going to Europe, since they may have different outbreaks in the US. He also is willing to listen to any issues I have, and work with me on problems that I may have with the kids.

For the times he was not in the office, I saw other physicians at the clinic. Dr. Pereira is also a favorite of mine. She is also extremely knowledgeable, easy to speak with, and wonderful with the kids. When I first started going to the clinic, we lived on the opposite side of town, but after just one visit I knew that this was the right place to take my daughter. Now that I have a son also, I could not imagine going anywhere else.

They also have an excellent advice line, with very knowledgeable nurses who are willing to speak with you and also consult with your doctor concerning any illnesses or issues that happen outside of office hours, or during office hours-- to save you a visit!  I highly recommend the children's clinic, I'm really glad we found them!

November, 10, 2016