At the Children's Clinic, we are committed to addressing all aspects of health, while promoting physical, emotional, behavioral, and interpersonal well-being.  Along with medical care, TCC is now offering behavioral health services to address a wide variety of concerns.

Behavioral Health Consultants are available at our Peterkort and Tualatin clinics for appointments. If you feel that behavioral health services may be helpful to you or your child, please contact the clinic to schedule an appointment or discuss your concerns with your pediatrician.

Our Behavioral Health Consultant (BHC) can help patients and families with:






General behavior issues

Sleep problems

Toileting issues

Behavior changes

Weight management


General parenting tips

Chronic pain: abdominal pain, headaches

Relationship problems

Needle phobia

Adherence to treatment plan

Alcohol and drug problems

Postpartum depression

Anxiety around doctor visits and medical care

Gender identity concerns

And many more ...