COVID-19 Vaccine

COVID Vaccine FAQ and Scheduling

¡Estamos emocionados de poder comenzar a administrar la vacuna COVID a los pacientes de TCC y sus padres! ¡Hemos estado esperando ansiosamente la vacuna para ayudar a proteger a nuestras familias y comunidad!

¿Cómo programo una cita para la vacuna en TCC?
Hemos creado un registro en línea para todos los que reciben una vacuna COVID en TCC. Deberá ingresar el nombre del paciente, la fecha de nacimento y la información del seguro médico.

Si necesita ayuda para programar una cita, llame a uno de nuestros intérpretes al 503-297-3371 para pacientes de Peterkort o al 503-691-9777 para pacientes de Tualatin y Newberg.

¿Quién puede programar una cita para la vacuna COVID en TCC?
Cualquier paciente de TCC mayor de 12 años y los padres de un paciente de TCC podrán programar una cita para la vacuna.


We are excited to be able to begin to administer the COVID vaccine to TCC patients and their parents! We have been eagerly awaiting the vaccine to help in protecting our families and community!

How do I schedule an appointment for a vaccine at TCC?

Please call our office to schedule an appointment for your child or yourself to receive the COVID vaccine. We are currently updating our online scheduling feature and you will be able to scheduled online shortly.


Will my child be able to get a COVID vaccine at their annual wellness exam?


We are excited to be able to give the COVID vaccine to our patients at their annual wellness exams. We will then schedule you for a vaccine only appointment 3 weeks after the first dose to obtain the second dose. 

Who can schedule a COVID vaccine appointment at TCC?

Any current TCC patient over the age of 12 and any parents of a TCC patient will be able to schedule a vaccine appointment.

Which vaccine is available at TCC?

We have received the Pfizer vaccine from the Oregon Health Authority which is approved for ages 12 and over.

Will my child be able to get a COVID vaccine at their annual wellness exam?

At this time we will not be offering COVID vaccines during regular appointments due to limited supply of the vaccine. As vaccine supply increases, we hope to be able to offer the vaccine during regular wellness visits.

When will vaccine clinics be held?

We will have evening clinics available at both our Peterkort and Tualatin locations during the week. Weekday clinics will be held in the clinics. We will also hold vaccine clinics at the Peterkort office on select Saturdays and Tualatin on select Sundays. Weekend clinics will be held in the parking lots as a drive through option. In the event of inclement weather (high winds or heavy rains), the clinic will be moved into the clinic for the safety of patients and staff.

**If your child has anxiety or fear about getting a vaccine/needles, we suggest scheduling during one of the weekday clinics for ease of handling these situations.

How many vaccine clinics will TCC be holding?

At this time we are planning clinics for the next 2 weeks pending the amount of vaccine received. As vaccine supply improves we will continue to add more date options.

If I receive my first dose at TCC, is my second dose guaranteed?

Yes, we will be able to provide a second dose for everyone who receives their first dose at TCC. For every first dose that we receive from OHA, we will receive a second dose. It is highly recommended that you obtain your second dose at the same location as your first dose. If you do receive your second dose at another location, please be sure to cancel your appointment at TCC to help us avoid wasting the dose.

Note: It is very important for all patients to complete both doses of the COVID vaccine for the best protection.

How do I schedule my second dose?

To ensure that all patients are scheduled for a second dose, TCC staff will help ensure that you schedule the second dose at the time of your first dose.

My child is due for another vaccination around the same time as their COVID vaccine appointment, do we need to wait?

The CDC has changed their guidelines and there is no longer a recommended waiting period between the COVID vaccine and any routine vaccinations.

Will we need to wait after getting the COVID vaccine?

All patients receiving the COVID vaccine will need to wait 15-30 minutes for observation of any adverse reactions. Please account for this time when scheduling your vaccine appointment.

Note: Patients under the age of 18 will need to have some accompany them to the appointment to ensure they are not driving home alone after the vaccine.

What do I need to do before my appointment and what should I bring?

All patients receiving a COVID vaccine at TCC must have a scheduled appointment before arriving. At this time we are unfortunately unable to accommodate walk in appointments due to ensuring adequate supply. All patients must complete a health history form prior to receiving their vaccine.

Please bring photo ID and a valid insurance card to the appointment. All patients and anyone accompanying a patient must wear a mask at all times while in the building for a vaccine or while interacting with staff during drive through vaccine clinics.

For your second vaccine appointment – be sure to bring your vaccination card with you so we can document the second dose.

Will my insurance be billed?

Like the other vaccine sites in the area, TCC will bill your insurance for the work that is done to give the vaccine (this is known as the ‘administration fee’), but we will not bill for the vaccine itself. Patients will not be charged anything, even if their insurance does not cover the administration fee or they do not have insurance. We welcome any patients that do not have insurance. If you do receive a bill for the COVID vaccine, please contact our business office at (503) 535-1458.

What if I have more questions about the COVID vaccine?

If you have additional questions, please contact our office via phone or patient portal to speak to your provider or an advice nurse. We can also schedule a virtual visit with your provider to review any questions or concerns you may have about the COVID vaccine.

**If you schedule an appointment elsewhere or need to reschedule for any reason, please cancel your appointment with us. This allows us to serve other patients and not waste any of the vaccine supply. Thank you!*