The Children’s Clinic is committed to providing the highest quality of care in a compassionate inclusive environment.   We are an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer that does not discriminate against applicants based any protected class status.  We welcome applicants with diverse backgrounds who thrive in an inclusive patient-centered environment.

The Children’s Clinic offers a progressive, positive work environment that thrives on providing superior quality care to the individuals we serve. We offer excellent benefits, including medical, dental, and vision insurance; life insurance; generous 401k; paid time off and more.

To apply for any open positions, please send your cover letter and resume to: hr@childrens-clinic.com

None at this time.

The Children’s Clinic is actively seeking a Certified Medical Assistant or Licensed Practical Nurse to join our team. 

We are: Together we’re a team of dedicated pediatric practitioners who believe in a progressive, positive, team-driven environment where every person is a valued member, treated with respect, and encouraged to contribute. Our organization is committed to providing exceptional quality care to our patients in a culturally responsible approach, treating each patient individually. We provide Family-Centered care that focuses on the child’s needs first and values the family as an essential member of the care team.

You are: A compassionate medical professional who can work efficiently and effectively with the pediatric patient population while communicating respectfully with people of varied cultures, ethnicities, and educational and socioeconomic backgrounds. As an expert on the front line of patient care, you will have the opportunity to provide input and insight into creating change, improving the process, and reshaping the way our patient care is delivered.

You will: work in close partnership with the clinician(s) as an integral and valued member of the care team. Duties will include evaluating patient needs and formulating and implementing an appropriate nursing care plan to include physiological, psychosocial, and environmental factors. Implement revisions of care plans based on ongoing assessments as needed with any new data or changes in patient condition.

Documentation of nursing assessment and patient provided, including nursing intervention, patient response to care provided, patient needs, problems, capabilities, limitations, and progress toward goals. All documentation will include evidence of appropriate patient, family, and significant other teachings, and the understanding of these instructions is noted in the record. Schedule appointments as needed using clinical prioritizing protocols and scheduling policies.

The use of sound clinical judgment, knowledge, and experience is imperative in order to give patients self-care advice when applicable in an effective manner. Provide ongoing communication with the medical providers regarding patient needs, nursing assessments, interventions, and patient education promptly.

In collaboration with the healthcare team, patient, and family, this position coordinates and promotes patient health by utilizing evidence-based practice to deliver professional nursing care across the care continuum. This position advocates for the patient and family, adhering to nursing and medical care plans, regulatory standards, and organizational values.

Together we will: As a team of highly skilled medical professionals, we will provide evidence-based pediatric care with an emphasis on the patient’s individual needs. We will share a mutual commitment to improving our patients’ quality and health by providing the highest quality care with compassion, integrity, and continuity to our patients from birth to young adulthood.

What you’ll need: National Medical Assistant Certification or Oregon State LPN license. BLS certification is required and must remain current. Strong patient assessment skills, ability to work collaboratively in a team setting, and current working knowledge of electronic medical records.

What we will provide: Flexibility with security. Our salaries are competitive, and we emphasize providing a schedule that best aligns with your employment needs. A complete comprehensive benefits plan is provided that includes an employer-funded 401K and a generous paid time off program. We are a collaborative team that balances providing exceptional care to the patients we serve in an environment that is professional while still fun and engaging

None at this time.