Hugh Alexander, M.D.

Hugh Alexander, M.D.

Location of Care

Peterkort Centre 1

9555 SW Barnes Rd., Suite 301

Portland, OR 97225

Education and Training

Board Certification: The American Board of Pediatrics

Medical Degree: University of Texas Medical Branch

Pediatric Residency: The University of Alabama at Birmingham

Languages: English

Memberships/Awards: American Association of Pediatrics

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Hugh Alexander, M.D.

I try to tailor my approach to the development stage of the patient. For example, the 15-month checkup is notoriously the most difficult one. I tell parents that 9-month-olds are puppies, 12-month-olds are kittens, but 15-month-olds are baby badgers. It’s just the nature of that age. I find it rewarding to interact and manage most checkups without upsetting the child. I am not always successful, but I think I have learned some things over the years that give me some insight. I enjoy having fun when it’s appropriate while knowing when, also, to be serious. I always strive to give the best care and advice that I can, as clearly as I can, without hesitation to refer to a specialist if I am not confident in the diagnosis or plan.

My father and both grandfathers were doctors, so I always figured I would be one too. I have always liked interacting with kids and in medical school was leaning towards pediatrics. Around the same time, I assembled as IKEA type chair completely backward and knew being a surgeon was not an option.

I grew up in Beaumont, Texas, spending time at the lake swimming and waterskiing. My favorite movie is Forrest Gump and while I have seen it over 20 times with my kids, each time I watch it, I find something new. I spend as much time with my kids as possible and we enjoy doing things outdoors like snowshoeing and visiting lakes around Mt. Hood in the summer.

I practice share with Dr. Susanne Purnell. Our styles are very compatible, and it is nice to bounce diagnosis ideas and care plans off each other.

Shared Practice

Susanne Purnell, M.D.

Every patient has a primary pediatrician. Sometimes, especially for last-minute appointments, your pediatrician may not have available appointments, so our pediatricians partner with each other to reduce wait times and improve access to care. Additionally, they partner with someone that complements their style and brings a fresh perspective to their patient’s care.