Hugh Alexander, M.D.

Hugh Alexander, M.D. (RETIRED)

Location of Care

Peterkort Centre 1

9555 SW Barnes Rd., Suite 301

Portland, OR 97225

Education and Training

Board Certification: The American Board of Pediatrics

Medical Degree: University of Texas Medical Branch

Pediatric Residency: The University of Alabama at Birmingham

Languages: English

Memberships/Awards: American Association of Pediatrics

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Hugh Alexander, M.D.

I try to tailor my approach to the development stage of the patient. For example, the 15-month checkup is notoriously the most difficult one. I tell parents that 9-month-olds are puppies, 12-month-olds are kittens, but 15-month-olds are baby badgers. It’s just the nature of that age. I find it rewarding to interact and manage most checkups without upsetting the child. I am not always successful, but I think I have learned some things over the years that give me some insight. I enjoy having fun when it’s appropriate while knowing when, also, to be serious. I always strive to give the best care and advice that I can, as clearly as I can, without hesitation to refer to a specialist if I am not confident in the diagnosis or plan.

My father and both grandfathers were doctors, so I always figured I would be one too. I have always liked interacting with kids and in medical school was leaning towards pediatrics. Around the same time, I assembled as IKEA type chair completely backward and knew being a surgeon was not an option.

I grew up in Beaumont, Texas, spending time at the lake swimming and waterskiing. My favorite movie is Forrest Gump and while I have seen it over 20 times with my kids, each time I watch it, I find something new. I spend as much time with my kids as possible and we enjoy doing things outdoors like snowshoeing and visiting lakes around Mt. Hood in the summer.

I practice share with Dr. Susanne Purnell. Our styles are very compatible, and it is nice to bounce diagnosis ideas and care plans off each other.