Julie A Fiene-Yeager, M.D.

Julie Fiene-Yeager, M.D.

Location of Care

Meridian Park Medical Plaza 2

19260 SW 65th Ave., Suite 340

Tualatin, OR 97062

Education and Training

Board Certification: The American Board of Pediatrics

Medical Degree: University of Southern California

Pediatric Residency: Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles

Languages: English

Memberships/Awards:  Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics

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Julie Fiene-Yeager

I can’t imagine more gratifying work than to help children stay healthy and reach their potential as they grow up. Taking care of children from the time they are born until they spread their wings and launch into adulthood is what I enjoy most about being a pediatrician. Helping guide my patients and their parents through all the stages of development, with the joys and challenges they face, keeps me on my toes. There is always more to learn! I studied psychology with a focus on Early Child Development in college, but I think my best teachers were my own three children (two boys and a girl) who are now young adults. They are all quite different from one another, which I learned early on and each one required very different parenting styles. I enjoy helping parents learn about their children’s development and behavior because I believe it makes them better parents. One additional note about my daughter to share – she is currently in medical school and plans to become a pediatrician as well. I’m a proud mama.

I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, the oldest of four kids, where we spent a lot of time hiking, camping and going on “family outings” together. My father was a physician, and it was my admiration for him that inspired me to become a doctor. However, when I was young, I wanted to travel the world and be a National Geographic photographer. I still love to travel and love National Geographic’s shows about animals and the natural beauty of our world. I enjoy hiking, cycling and try to take every opportunity to explore our incredible Northwest.

I have a dog named Stella, also known as “Dogtor Stella the Therapy Dog.” Maybe you’ve seen her in the clinic or on The Children’s Clinic Facebook page. She’s my special buddy, and I love sharing her with others who can benefit from her wonderfulness. 

I have been in a shared practice with Dr. Kristin Wallis for over 22 years. We believe we complement each other well with many shared philosophies about pediatrics. Many of our families are happy to see either of us for their visits.

Shared Practice

Kristin L.R. Wallis, M.D.

Every patient has a primary pediatrician. Sometimes, especially for last-minute appointments, your pediatrician may not have available appointments, so our pediatricians partner with each other to reduce wait times and improve access to care. Additionally, they partner with someone that complements their style and brings a fresh perspective to their patient’s care.