Favorite author:

John Steinbeck

Favorite radio station or CD in car:

NPR, Wes Montgomery, Santana, Miles Davis


Husband of 29 years and 2 children both in college

Favorite Movie:

The Muppet Movie

First Job:

Delivering tulip bulbs to the neighbors

Proudest moment:

Deciding to pursue a doctorate degree at 28 years old while being a wife and mother

When did you know you wanted to be a doctor?

3rd Grade

Favorite movie, book, or board game:

A Lesson Before Dying, by Ernest Gaines


Gardening, bicycling, running, reading, eatingJ, being with family and friends, Timber Soccer games

Motto on life:


Where did you grow up?

Kalamazoo, Michigan. My parents immigrated from the Netherlands as teenagers, so I am a first generation US citizen.

As a pediatrician for the last 15 years each day continues to inspire. I enjoy the unique personalities of all the children, for example after a 5 year old patient heard she was going to receive her kindergarten vaccinations, she burst into a happy jig “let’s get this party started,” and the next 5 year old stated “no way, those hurt”. The diversity of illness, families and children make each interaction exciting.

I find joy in promoting healthy lifestyles, providing medical care, counsel and creating a clinic which serves as a medical home. On a recent visit a 4 year stated after the visit “I want to go back to the living room where the fishes are.” I enjoy staying updated on medical diagnosis and management and I also feel strongly about being an advocate for children and families who require specialized care.

Yes. I love being a pediatrician and plan on continuing to practice at The Children’s Clinic for many years to come.