Book you are reading now:

House of Sand and Fog

Favorite radio station or CD in car:

Margaritaville Radio, at least until the free one year of it ends.

Person you admire the most:

Abraham Lincoln. I recently watched a PBS show about him, and can’t believe the stress he experienced, and the insight and cleverness he showed in his responses.

Color of your car or favorite color:

Dirt… it makes it easy to schedule a carwash every 5- 10 years.

First Job:

Surgery orderly at my hometown hospital. I got to observe surgery and talk to doctors between mopping the floors.

What is your approach to pediatrics?

I try to tailor my interaction with my patient to whatever stage of development he or she is in. For example, the 15 month checkup is notoriously, in pediatrics, the most difficult one… I tell parents that 9 month-olds are puppies, 12 month-olds are kittens, but 15 month-olds are baby badgers – it’s just the nature of that age. I’m sure I’m not unique among pediatricians, but I do find it rewarding that I can usually manage to move slowly, interact carefully, and manage to get through the checkup without upsetting the child. I am definitely not always successful, but I think I have learned some things over the years that give me some insight.

Favorite movie, book, or board game:

My favorite movie is “Forrest Gump.” I’ve watched it with my kids about 20 times. I always find something new in it.


I like to take walks and practice playing my ukulele (I’m not very good, at least at playing ukulele… I’m OK at walking).

Motto on life:

Try to enjoy everything, do as much as you are able to, and do what you can to help others do the same—and enjoy the simple humor and pleasures in life.

Favorite Subject in school (college):

I always liked History… my favorite novels and National Geographic articles are based on the past. If I were given a Time Machine, I would go backward, not to the future. The late 1700′s seems like a neat time. I bet you could take an iPhone with you and within minutes a renaissance kid would be playing a game! (And showing you how to get an App!)

Where did you grow up?

Beaumont, Texas… it almost counts as Louisiana, it’s so close—nothing to brag about, but a nice place to grow up. We had a lakehouse we’d go to on weekends… we’d sail, ski, swim, and find arrowheads and pottery on the beaches. I went to college at the University of Texas—Hook ‘Em Horns!—then medical school at UT Medical Branch in Galveston.