Yogurt or Ice cream?

Ice Cream

PC or Apple?


Beach or Mountain?

Beach. But tropical beach, not Northwest beach.

Early Bird or Night Owl?

Early Bird

Eat or Sleep?

As I have a baby at home now, I would say sleep!

Dog or Cat?


Beavers or Ducks?

Duck by marriage, but I bleed purple. Go Huskies!!!

HS College Med School Residency?

Juanita HS in Kirkland, Wa College and Medical School and Residency at the University of Washington (see above)

Football or Soccer?


CD in car?

Pandora. Snow Patrol or Caspar Babypants, depending on who is in the car with me.

First job?


What job would you do if you were not a Pediatrician?

I would probably be a high school science teacher

Favorite movie, book, board game?

Movie: Beaches or Steal Magnolias
Book: The Sun Also Rises by Hemingway
Board Game: Not exactly a board game, but Dominos is fun!

Motto for life?

Live and let live


Cook, garden, golf

Favorite subject in school?

Biology and Band (I was a saxophone player once upon a time)

What plans to learn or accomplish next year?

I am hoping to improve my golf game this year

Where did you grow up?

Kirkland, Washington

When decide to be Pediatrician?

High School. I went to medical school knowing that is what I wanted to do.