Yogurt or Ice cream?

Ice cream … no frozen yogurt…no ice cream… do I really have to choose?

PC or Apple?


Beach or Mountain?


Early Bird or Night Owl?

Used to be a night owl, but slowly transforming into an early bird in order to get things done and then enjoy the day

Eat or Sleep?

Probably eat then immediately fall asleep

Dog or Cat?

Officially became a dog person 5 years ago after my husband and I rescued our black lab

Run or Walk?


Beavers or Duck


HS College Med School Residency?

Santa Margarita Catholic HS (California), UC San Diego for College (Muir college for those in the know), then OHSU for med school and residency

Dressy Casual?

Definitely casual

Football Soccer?


Favorite Color?


Book reading?

Hands of my father (autobiography about the childhood of a hearing son raised by deaf parents in the 1940’s)

CD in car?

I’m more of a podcast fan as I love hearing stories– current favorites are “The Moth” and “Radio Lab”

First Job?

Filing Clerk. – spent 8 hours a day during summer break of thinking of my 3rd grade teacher who taught me to alphabetize. Thanks Mrs. Christensen!

What job would you do if you were not a Pediatrician

I love food and think it would be so fun to be a food critic, though I'd probably get in trouble for not criticizing enough and thinking it's all delicious!

Favorite board game?

as a kid it was Chutes and Ladders, now I love Balderdash


Cooking , Hiking, Camping and spending time with my husband, family and friends

Favorite subject school?


Where did you grow up ?

San Juan Capistrano, California

When decide to be Pediatrician?

4th year of college

Whom do you most admire?

My mom was an incredible woman who treated people with warmth and kindness, and made everyone she met feel like they had just gained a friend.

What plans to learn or accomplish next year?

Learn to garden (currently my skills stop at expert leaf raker and weeder), working on running my first ½ Marathon, long term I’d love to learn to ballroom dancing though I have 2 left feet.