Book you are reading now:

The Paris Wife by Paula McLain

Favorite radio station or CD in car:

Honestly… Sesame Street Platinum Too and Disney Princess Songs. I can get halfway to work before I realize I’m alone in the car singing along with Elmo.

Person you admire the most:

My mom! I hope I’m able to pull off my working mother role with even a semblance of grace, warmth, and humor with which she did.

Favorite color:

Blue, all shades.

First Job:

Rooming patients as an Ear, Nose, Throat/Hearing clinic- became proficient at calling out names very LOUDLY.

What job if not a MD?

I have no idea… probably full time mom!

Favorite Books:

Anything Jane Austen- I love her wit, and also at the moment… Ina Garten’s cookbook, Back to Basics. It is somehow allowing me to still put home cooked meals on the table and to even entertain a bit!

Greatest Accomplishment:

I guess my answer here is a work in progress… but it would be raising these three wonderful children of mine. I’d say medical school but being up all night nursing a colicky newborn is much more relentlessly exhausting than even the worst hospital call night.

Favorite Subject in school (college):

Art History- loved it.