Yogurt or Ice cream?

ice cream

PC or Apple?

Definitely Apple. As a kid we had one of the first Apple models in our home, so it's what I've always known.

Beach or Mountain

this used to be a harder question for me until I moved away from the ocean for my training and missed it terribly, so now I choose beach

Early Bird or Night Owl

Night owl

Eat or Sleep

Sleep. I can (and do) fall asleep anywhere. I think it's a leftover survival technique from med school and residency.

Dog or Cat

dog, though we have neither currently. Hoping to fix that soon.

Run or Walk

Hike! (Though right now with a pregnant belly I'm content just to waddle)

Beavers or Duck or other

When choosing among Oregon teams, I'm a Ducks fan but really I'm a recently converted Michigan fan. Go Blue!!

HS or College

college. Loved all of it.

Dressy or Casual


Football or Soccer

I play neither but love watching college football

Book currently reading

a combination of What to Expect When You're Expecting, Happiest Baby on the Block, and a series of light detective/murder mystery novels

CD in car

it's an eclectic mix, but currently my iPod is going back and forth between Phillip Phillips and Zac Brown Band

Whom do you admire the most

it's hard to pick just one, but I have a series of pediatrician mentors in med school and residency who not only were superb and compassionate physicians but also wonderful parents, educators, and advocates. I aspire to be like them.

Color Car or Favorite color

blue for everything

First Job

After college I spent a year as a teaching assistant in an elementary school

What job would you do if you were not a Pediatrician

a travel photographer for National Geographic (dream big!)

Proud of or proudest moment

marrying my high school sweetheart and best friend

Favorite movie, book, or game

after living in Michigan, my husband and I are hooked on the Midwest card game Euchre

Greatest accomplishment

my husband and I coordinating our training so we finished residency and law school at the same time, getting jobs in the Portland area that we love, and ending up back in the Pacific Northwest as we had always planned!


photography, riding horses, and playing the piano

Motto on life

Live the life you love, love the life you live

Favorite subject school

music theory in college (I minored in music) and my ballroom dance classes

What plans to learn or do next year

I'm excited to become a mom for the first time and the journey that is in store for me!

Where did you grow up

West Linn, Oregon

When decide to be Pediatrician

officially in college, but I had been thinking about it all through high school.