Yogurt or Ice cream?

Ice cream. Mmmmm.

Beach or Mountain

Beach…a warm one…or a pool overlooking a beach!

Early Bird or Night Owl

Night Owl.

Eat Sleep

Sleep. Sleeping in, especially!

Run or Walk

Walk. Usually while pushing a jogging stroller.

Beavers or Duck

What?! Stanford! GO CARD!

HS or College

Med school – met my husband!

Dressy or Casual

Depends on my mood…and how much time I’ve got to get ready!

Football or Soccer

Football. To watch only, not play.

Book you are currently reading

Cooked by Michael Pollan

Current CD in car

My boys’ favorite mix CD from a friend’s birthday party last year…lots of “Ho-Hey” by the Lumineers and “Home” by Edward Sharpe

First Job

Selling retail clothes at a local shop near my home.

What job would you do if your were not a Pediatrician

I’d own a small bridal boutique! After it closed in the evening, I’d wear a dress around the shop like Monica and Phoebe did in the apartment on “Friends.”

Proud of or proudest moment

The births of my 2 boys – Jack and Sam. I remember everything.

Favorite movie, book, board game

Movie – Moonrise Kingdom. Book – The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein. Board Game – right now we are into Sorry or kids’ Monopoly.


Cooking, knitting, getting outside with my guys!

Motto on life

Family dinner is important! As many nights as is reasonable in your family – it’s important to make an effort. Good for nutrition, communication, connection – start this habit early!

Favorite subject in school

AP Bio with Mrs. Katz in high school. Bioethics Seminar in college.

What plans to learn or do next year

Just did yoga for the first time. I think I’ll get into that.

Where did you grow up

Seattle WA

When did you decide to be Pediatrician

High school