Our Services

24-Hour Advice Nurse

Experienced and caring pediatric advice nurses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer questions and assist families.  Our goal is to help with your child’s individual needs with the most up to date information. Call the main number of your clinic’s location to talk to an advice nurse.

After-Hours Care

Because kids often get sick outside of regular business hours, our pediatricians are available for weeknight and weekend care. Visit our locations-contact page for information on clinic hours and locations.

Well-Child Visit

Childhood is a time of rapid growth and change. Pediatric well-child visits are an important part of your child’s health from infancy through the adolescence. Learn when to schedule these visits using our well-child timeline.

Illness / Injury

We understand symptoms sometimes develop quickly and we try to accommodate all emergencies. At The Children’s Clinic we are available to you when you need us most.  Call the main number of your clinic’s location to make an appointment.

In-House Lab

On-site lab is available at The Children’s Clinic to provide the highest quality care for our patients while avoiding multiple trips to additional locations. 

Behavioral Health

At The Children’s Clinic, we are committed to addressing all aspects of health.  Along with medical care, The Children’s Clinic offers behavioral health services to address a wide variety of concerns.

Care Coordination

The Care Coordination team works with families and children with complex medical needs to get the right services and information.

Weight Management

Unwanted weight gain in childhood can lead to increased risk for obesity, diabetes, elevated lipids, heart disease, and other chronic conditions in adulthood. Lifestyle plays a very important role in helping children to maintain a healthy weight but may not be enough for some. Our provider, Dr. Susanne Purnell, is board certified in Obesity Medicine and works with patients to provide lifestyle management and can discuss with you the most up-to-date therapeutic options for obesity, lipids, prediabetes, and fatty liver.