TCC Policy on Racism and Child Health

  • The physicians of TCC recognize that racism is a core social determinant of health that is a driver of health inequity.  Children exposed to discrimination can develop toxic stress that affects their physical, mental, and behavioral health throughout their lives.  The evidence to support the continued negative impact of racism on health and well-being through implicit and explicit biases, institutional structures, and interpersonal relationships is clear.
  • We also believe that racism harms everyone, including children of all races and ethnicities, and we believe it saps the strength of the whole society through the waste of human resources.  We recognize the need to examine our own biases.  Failure to address racism will continue to undermine health equity for all children, adolescents, emerging adults, and their families. 
  • We are committed to developing systems in our practices that ensure that all patients and families know that they are welcome, that they will be treated with mutual respect, and that high-quality care will be delivered regardless of background using the tenets of family- and patient-centered care. 

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