At this age you can give your child choices between two good things in snacks, toys, and books.  It is not unusual for children to be picky eaters at this age.  They may not want to eat or may eat only one type of food, continue to offer a variety of nutrient rich foods.  Continue with normal bedtime routines, especially as you begin to transition from the crib to a bed. Watch for signs that your child is ready for toilet training such as: staying dry for two hours, knowing if they are wet or dry, can pull pants up and down and wants to learn. Help your child to play with others, but do not expect them to share.

Most two year olds will:

  • Go up and down stairs one at a time
  • Stack several blocks
  • Kick a ball
  • Repeat words heard in conversation
  • Uses at least 20 words and 2 to 3 word phrases