During this year your child will move into a world full of fantasy and vivid imagination. Your child will be interested in new experiences but may imagine that unfamiliar images may be “monsters”. Your child may gradually give up daytime naps and will need between nine to thirteen hours of sleep a night. Continue to have a bedtime routine allowing them to choose what pajamas to wear or which book to read. Eating habits should be similar to yours. Choking may still be a hazard so cut up foods such as grapes, hotdogs, and raw vegetables into “bite size” pieces.

Most Three Year Olds will be able to:

  • Stand on one foot for a few seconds
  • Climb Stairs with alternating feet
  • Copy a circle and imitate a cross
  • Uses fork and spoon well
  • Speech is generally understandable
  • Can brush teeth with a little help
  • Know their name and age